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Whats in Your Doula bag for Doulas?!

Whats in Your Doula Bag?!

Many times Doulas are focused on their clients, which they should be, but we must remember we need essential products as ell when we are going into the hospital setting. At Bom Mom & Co we provide the best doula bag with essential items and resources. You can always restock on items if needed through our site.

Change of clothes-


Cash and coins- Yes we are living in a world where credit and debit cards are essential, but remember sometimes vending machines only take cash or coins. This is why we provide a Fanny Pack where you can keep your essential items such as an Id, Credit or debit cards, business cards for easy access.

Moisturizing eye drops- Its important especially if you have contacts.

Toothbrush and toothpaste-

Healthy snacks- Especially if you have specific dietary needs, you will need to make sure you have your own snacks! Bring protein rich snacks that can help provide energy for you as you help your birthing person through the process

Essential Oils- Bring your favorite oils, You can check out our Doula bag that will provide essential oils as a doula

Hoodie for cold hospital rooms- Whew, it may get chilly so bring your sweater just in case

Lip balm- There is nothing worst than cracked, dry lips. Bring your favorite lipbalm!

Deodorant- Being a doula can have alot of movement, be sure you have your deodorant on hand.

Mints- Who doesn't like mints! Pack a few or the whole box!

Water- Mom isn't the only one who needs to hydrate!

Pads or feminine needs- Don't we all hate when our own lives get in the way?! Be aware and have your pads, cups on hand!

Hair ties- Get ready for a full body workout! Bring hair ties so your hair will be the least of your worries!

Refreshing face wash-

Phone charger- Never let your phon die! You may need to contact a supporting fellow doula for more intense questions so keeping a charge is important

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