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What is hand expression and how to hand express your mlik?

Hand expression of breast milk is a technique where you use your hands instead of your baby or a breast pump to get the breast milk out of your breasts.

There are a few reasons why you may need to hand express, your breasts may become too full or uncomfortable while you are away from baby and you dont have your pump to get the breasts milk out.

If for some odd reason your pump decides to stop working, hand expressing your milk will be an additional way to get your milk out of your breasts.

Especially within your first few weeks into your breasts feeding journey your breasts may become engorges and hard as a rock, so to release some milk before feeding it is recommended you hand expression before feeding your baby so that your baby will be able to latch on better to the breasts when feeding.

If your baby if born and has not learned how to latch you can hand express your milk into a cup and feed your baby through a syringe or spoon.

If you have any questions about hand expression you can contact a Lactation Consultant in your area.


Simple way to express colostrum or breast milk

Gently massage your breast to make the milk flow more easily

Stroke gently from the top of your breast towards the nipple.

Use the C- hold to place your fingers on the breast

Push your hand straight in the chest

Roll your fingers/ squeeze to express your milk

Rotate positions and start the process over again!

Hand expression made easy!

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