What Baby Sitter/Daycare Providers need to know about your baby!!

It's about that time.. time for separation from you and your baby for just a few hours, but can feel like forever!!

You are on to your next level of your breastfeeding and or pumping journey... YOU have LEVELED UP!!

Before you send your child off, it is important that you know How to first choose the right daycare, and how your daycare can help support you while you are away at work. As a breastfeeding mother, I would first want to make sure that I am aware of what my provider stipulations are regarding your breasts milk. There are some key things you need to educate yourself on so you can achieve your breastfeeding or pumping goals. You will need to know for yourself how to #pacefeed your baby, so that you can show your child care provider or relative on how to properly feed your baby while you are away! You must also know about #storageguidelines

However, this means that if they are not knowledgeable about breastfed babies they may not be sure of what to do.

Remember when you first had your baby? You may not have known about




The key points they will need to know below are the following:

  1. Do not panic when baby cries by giving them a bottle. Hold them, comfort them, and talk to them like any other baby. Some babies are more sensitive than others and them crying for you has nothing to do with them being breasfed. All babies should have an emotional attachment to their moms.

  2. Pacefeeding - Breastfed babies are use to getting milk directly from the source. So they may not have ever taken a bottle prior to you leaving. Educate them about #pacefeeding by looking up the topic in the group. It is important for you to do the #legwork so you can fully understand what it is. Also alternatives to a bottle are #syringe and #cup both can be used to feed a baby. Leave approimately 1-1.25 oz per hour you will be away from your baby. If your baby drinks less or more you can vary that number.

  3. Milk Storage- You worked hard to pump that milk! So make sure they know how to properly store what you have left. In the files area there is a detailed guide for #milkstorage guidelines. Print them out and have them in the front of the fridge so they will know how to handle the milk. NO microwaving the milk and swirl the milk avoid shaking it hard. There are LIVING organisms in there.

  4. Sleep - OMG babies love the smell and touch of their mom when they are ready to nap. Leave a t-shirt or something with your scent so your baby can have happy thoughts of you while you are away. Remind them to minimize lights, play music, and have a clock ticking near by.

  5. Have fun!! No mommy guilt about being away from your baby. You need time to re-energize yourself to be present for your child(ren). Strive to go someplace or do something for yourself at least once a month. Mental health is very important when raising children. Do not be afriad to reach out to family, friends, or a doctor when you are feeling not like yourself.

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