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What are MUST HAVE items for your breasts feeding and Pumping journey

I always suggest you get a breastfeeding book before your baby comes, this will help educate you on what to expect. Now on to what you will need when your baby comes. If you are breastfeeding, you will need two main things. You guessed it, YOUR BREASTS and YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM!

If you do not have a support system, you can always join groups such as Breasts feeding support group for black moms, beauty of motherhood breastfeeding support group for black moms CLT and more!!

  • Breasts feeding Pillow ( A life Saver and helps adjust and position you and baby for latching and positioning, It is your life saver and you can bring it along with you at the hospital).

  • Disposable nursing pads or washable nursing pads

  • Nursing Bras ( You will need something comfortable, form fitting, nonrestrictive to hold up your brand new set of boobs, there are nursing bras you can un clip so you can easily feed in public). 

  • Nipple cream or blam (great for if you or baby have not gotten latching corrected, this helps relieves pain, you can also use your own breast milk as a protectant for further damange).

  • Haakka- The best milk catcher in the world. It is a silicone pump that suctions on your breasts that is not being used while you nurse. It can collect your let downs.

  • For Flat or inverted nipples you can use what is called nipple forms but FIRST reach out to a Lactation Consultant or breasts feeding specialist in your area for assistance with what you may need!

If you are pumping you will need these items:

A pump- You can contact your insurance company for a list of what they offer for you before baby comes

Bottles for your baby- 4 0z bottles with preemie nipple or size 0

Bottle drying rack- for storing your clean bottles, pump arts so they can dry out

Hands Free Pumping Bra- The best creation yet where you can walk around while pumping. Just put the bra on, hook up your pump and do whatever you would like.

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