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Wet Nursing!! Would you do it?!

We live in a world where women are now being shunned for being a wet nurse. Wet nursing is when a mother who has not had the child biologically feeds another baby! This can be a member of your families baby or even a friend!

I have had the honor to feed more than just my babies but even my little sisters baby when she had trouble breastfeeding mg nephew! I even have had the honor to feed other women baby!

I myself feel accomplished and I am amazed at what our bodies can do for our babies and others. If you have had the chance to feed someone else's baby tell me your experiences!

You are an amazing human being for sharing what God has given you, the power to literally be able to feed the world and our beautiful babies!

Breastfeeding is the most magical thing in the world!

Breasts are for babies!! So dont be shy tell me your experience on breastfeeding someone else's babies! #youaretheBOM #youdeservetheworld

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