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Wet Diapers and Solid Diapers For breastfed Babies

1-2 days ( 2 wet diapers)

3-4 days ( 3 wet diapers)

5-2 weeks(at least 6 wet diapers)

Did you know breastfed babies can go up to 7-10 days without having a bowel movement.

Breast milk is made up of approx. 80% water! So no need to give baby any water while breastfeeding to avoid water intoxication, We recommend you do not mix breast milk with formula to avoid Water intoxication and to keep baby's digestive tract stable! If you feel baby is not getting enough wet diapers, be sure to contact a lactation consultant! #youaretheBOM


1-2 (dirty diapers)

Black or green in color

3-4 (dirty diapers)

Brown, green, yellow

5- 2 weeks (dirty Diapers)

3 large, soft or seedy yellow dirty diapers

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