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Welcome to Motherhood!! For Pumping Mothers!

Congratulations on a great start to your pumping journey, whether you are a new mom or this is not your first rodeo, we know that each experience can be different.

When it comes to pumping exclusively it can seem a bit demanding, but once you begin to get familiar with how to use a pump it will get a lot easier. I hope you enjoy this blog, i try to make it as simple as possible because as we all know our babies need us!

Pumping- 1st hour of pumping and beyond

Start by initiating pumping within the first hour after delivery whether you have had a vaginal birth or Cesarean section.

To start a healthy breastfeeding journey, the baby needs to be placed on your chest for what is called SKIN to SKIN.

Skin to skin helps relieve stress, stabilize baby’s temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, lowers glucose levels as well as it is the perfect start to bonding with your baby.

Place your baby bare on your bare chest!

*** If the baby is separated for any reason, ask for a pump to begin your pumping journey. Always allow for skin to skin as much as possible!

Be sure you have the correct flange size below is chart of how to determine what size flange you may need and remember your nipple size can change throughout your pumping journey!

Lubricate your breasts before placing breasts shield or flange on

Pump every 2 hours for 20 mins so you can begin to establish a healthy milk supply.


If your baby is too sleepy to feed, you can feed your baby with a syringe or spoon by way of what is called HAND EXPRESSION.

Be sure you have a double electric pump or whatever pump you can afford.

Check your insurance company to see if they offer you a free pump or discounted pumps within the insurance company.

Summary: Day 1 Baby will eat between 8-10 times a day

Baby will nurse receiving COLOSTRUM every 2-3 hours

Baby will have 1 wet diaper and ! dirty diaper called Meconium) It will be black and sticky

Always do skin to skin

Check and make sure your flange size is correct

Learn how to use the pump settings

Have lanolin cream or coconut oil for lubrication

*** Before your baby is born you can get a pump of your choice for the hospital through your insurance, Consider what type of pump you would need to Pump only, Always get a double breasts pump so you can pump two breasts at a time.

Pumping should NEVER hurt, if so:

Your pump setting may be too high and you can damaged your breast tissue

At the beginning you will only produce COLOSTRUM. Take a breath and keep pumping!

Your Flange (breasts shield) may be too big or too small) Check diagram for correct fit


Learn how to use your pump settings by meeting with a Lactation Consultant before baby arrives

To successfully pump be sure you use your hands to maximize your output of milk by doing a technique called BREAST COMPRESSION

After each pump session hand express for additional milk

Always remember to RELAX and enjoy your pumping journey.

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