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The Time Is Now, We need a space to call home!

Ever since I became a mother I have enjoyed every bit of it. Yes I did lose alot of friends because I didn't fit in the category anymore. No one wanted to hang out with me and the kids. I struggled everyday to feel like myself, but deep down inside I know as a mother that my children comes first. I was taught to take care of my children, that this is the only job that I would have as a mom, but little did I know that it would make me a little unhealthy for myself.

The Time is now, that we as mothers remember that we matter just as much as our children. Just because I had a child that does not mean that I can not be who I have always been. The true key to Motherhood is balance. It took me all of two years to realize that after Postpartum depression that what I really needed was to be "ME". Do the things I loved to do, whether if it was just be with my family, getting my hair done, or going out with a few lady friends, what I needed the most was women who UNDERSTOOD me as a mother.

I realized that as a mother, all I really wanted was to talk with other women about the struggles as a mother and to know that I can make it through. To have a place to be myself with my kids around, to have a safe place for my kids to have fun while I have my own.

After two years, I finally decided that I need a space of my own. So many places in Charlotte, NC is centered around babies, and toddlers, but what about mothers? We need a place to unwind, to paint to learn and get educated on motherhood. So I decided to create what I call THE BEAUTY OF MOTHERHOOD INC!!! Which is a non profit that will specifically meet the needs of mothers and their families.

Everyday we get up, it doesn't matter if we are sick, tired, hungry, we have a job to do all day, everyday! As a mother we also MUST take care of ourselves! To intentionally rediscover ourselves through this journey called motherhood. This is what the non profit is about, we will support each

other,we will educate, empower and inspire each other to be great!



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