Should I Hire A Doula or Midwife?! HELL, YES!!! Life or Death, the Sad Reality for African Americans

As a mother, especially a first time mother I always suggest that each family hires a doula and or a Midwife. My highlight for today are Doulas. One reason being I am a Doula. I Love everything abut pregnancy from finding out, to offering techniques for when it is time to go into labor. To educating each client on what their RIGHTS are as a mother especially in the hospital setting!

I've had many times where mothers regret NOT having a doula. So today I want to explain why its so important. It can actually be a life or death situation when it comes to African American Women because we are 4 times more likely to die!! Yes you read that correctly, according to CDC....

We are high risks of deaths... Our concerns as a mother are not heard. Some doctors take no precaution on what it is that we need from them. We are ignored about what we feel and how we feel it and made to be calm with words such as " This is normal". The fact is it is not normal for the pains you are feeling, and many women DON"T know how to respond especially while we are pregnant. Doulas help alleviate and be the advocate, we care for you in such a way and we cherish what we do.

When I found out I was pregnant in 2012, I actually planned her (MYA)! What beautiful pregnancy I did try to have, so many concerns and I was ignored. I am the testimony that because of my social status at the time changed in between my pregnancy, I was treated differently. I went from Tricare to Medicaid after getting from the military. My doctor ignored my concerns once I changed over. From there I was being ignored and never really got responses to any questions or concerns I had, " We will get in contact with the doctor to see what your next steps are" and guess what they never did.

I didn't know as a patient that even if I had medicaid I could FIRE my doctor and get a new one. I am here to tell you, that you can! My pregnancy ended in a C- Section because I just didn't know what to expect. I did not have anyone advocating for me while I labored. I was scared into doing it with words of " your pelvis is too small, your not opening up quick enough, we want to make sue you and baby are safe", and guess what I Ariel Apparicio fell for it and ended with a C-section 11 hours later.

I want you today to realize how important each pregnancy experience needs a Doula and or a Midwife. It's important that we LIVE and NOT DIE!! It's important that we get the care we deserve and know that you can have a safe pregnancy with no medications. That our bodies were made to push our babies, and that we should be able to squat, bend, lay on our sides and not on our backs to give birth! It's our bodies and our bodies should be treated with respect!

Doulas are professional coach trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth, to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience. We help you make informed decisions while in labor and whatever you decide we are still with you! We also help your significant other or what they can do to support you, to be your advocate in the most precious experience in your life. We as women need to get your priorities straight, we are so caught up with baby gender revels and diaper parties and baby showers and we forget the most important thing to do is make sure our baby and ourselves are able to see the day!

I urge you to talk to women around you and see how their birth was, join beauty of motherhood community and get educated. Now is the time to keep staying alive.

A midwife is a health care provide. You can choose to only have a Midwife and Doula instead of an OB for prenatal care as well as to deliver your baby, whether in a hospital setting, birthing center or at home. Midwives are authorized to work in any setting and Doulas are certified. The health of you and baby are primary for Midwives, while Doulas are also focus on the baby we more so focus on making sure mothers are supported with what they need to have a successful birth.

Today, I urge you to save money for your experience. Instead of a gender reveal, get your family and friends to pay for your doula up front as well as your Midwife. Know that you can sometimes use your insurance to cover expenses. You can use HSA as well. Always remember to Grab a book on What to expect after your baby is born. And remember #youdeservetheworld

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