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Serena Williams " Welcome to Motherhood"

On Behalf of all Mothers Worldwide, We would like to express our gratitude for you taking on breastfeeding while having a career. Not only are you a 23 Grand Slam Winner, but you are a mother who IS winning.

I would like to apologize on behalf of your coach Patrick Mouratoglou, for he does not know the things we as women go through in our journey of motherhood!

How could he say anything about the philosophy of balancing a career and motherhood, when he himself is not a mother! There is no way you could understand the struggles we as women encounter especially as first time moms. You are right Serena " He's not a woman, he doesn't understand that connection, that the best time of the day for me was when I tried to feed her". You are completly right and I applaud you for knowing this. Breastfeeding is Magical, its the best milk for babies.

Serena it is not an "if" you want to be successful in tennis, it is that you ARE a successful women who just so happens to be able to multi task and be great at two things at once. Tennis has been in your blood since you were three years old! You are built for this, and you are also built for motherhood.

Motherhood is an ongoing journey, with ups and downs, but one thing for sure is that your baby girl Alexis knows that she is well taken care of. Her mother is the best and theres nothing or no one who can compare.

Its been 11 months and after having a major surgery from complications while brining your baby into the world, I say to you today that YES you can do both and you WILL and are ABLE to be great!

To read that sometimes you cry, feel really sad and have meltdowns lets me know that you are still adjusting to life. Which brings me to think that you could have signs of Postpartum depression, I have cried not only sometimes, but for two years every night when my husband went back to work! There is help here for you, If I can get through crashing a car, having two break downs, nearly ending up in psych two times, and four therapists later, so can you! According to about one 1 out of 10 women in the United States experience symptoms of depression.

Just know that will help you and any women worldwide! Know that you are not alone in this and keep up the great work Serena Williams!

You are #BOM

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