Power Pumping... How to Increase your milk supply!!

Today we will discuss exactly what power pumping is!!!

Power Pumping is a technique used when a mothers' breast milk supply output has dropped. This is a very common for pumping mothers to see their milk supply go up and down from day to day. A normal output is between 2-5 oz each pumping session (sometimes it can be less), just know that this is normal.

There are a few reasons why this can happen, One being whenever you are in distress, or whenever you may have an illness such as a virus or flu. Power Pumping is simple. It is the best way to increase your milk supply. Power pumping can give your breasts milk a boost and you would generally see results withing a few days! If you want to see results you should power pump at the minimum of two days in a row. You should make sure that all your pump pieces are not worn out, this can prohibit your breasts pump from working effectively. Below is how to power pump:

You can power pump up to 3 times a day to prevent damaged to tissue of the breasts.

  • Pump 20 min, rest 10 minutes, pump 10 minutes, rest 10 minutes, pump 10 minutes

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