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My milk is soapy and my baby will not drink it, what should I do?

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Liapse is an enzyme that breaks down the fat in breasts milk to help baby easily digest it.

It may smell or taste soapy, metallic or sour altering the taste, but the good news is babies can STILL consume the milk, but the bad news is SOME babies do not like the taste. So it is suggested that you Scald your milk to break down the fat.

What can you do? You can do what is called Scalding of your milk!

You will have to heat your milk to 180 degrees in a sauce pan over medium heat. Once the bubbles come around the edges of the pan that is how you will know if you have scalded the milk correctly. Immediately remove the milk and let it cool, then immediately freeze your milk for your baby

Once you reach the temperature. Take the milk and store the milk as quickly as possible.

Some mothers find using a bottle warmer helpful for scalding milk as long as the temperature is not over 180 degrees.

If you wan to make sure it is done correctly, feel free to get a thermometer to help gauge how hot the milk is !!

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