My baby is here!! Now What?

CONGRATS on your bundle of joy!

First thing first is Skin to Skin

Skin to Skin helps by:

Release hormones that relieves stress and stabilizes baby’s temperature, heart rate, breathing rate and helps with blood sugar levels.

Promotes bonding

Helps increase milk supply for mothers because it stimulates prolactin and oxytocin, which helps your body to release breast milk.

Boosts baby's immune systems

Lowers mothers risks of postnatal depression. Gives both parents a chance to rest and or take breaks.

Your breasts will begin to become more heavy and what women call “Come in”!

Remember you have breast milk starting in your second trimester.

Increase in quantity of your milk called (Colostrum) will change to (Mature Milk). Between 2- 5 days! To help minimize what is called ENGORGEMENT, nurse/pump often and NEVER skip a feeding session EVEN at night.

Be sure you and your baby have learned what works best for them involving LATCHING AND POSITIONS

Never rush baby off the breasts, let baby finish

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