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Mothers' Lives Matter

I want to tell you about an experience I had on saturday July 7, 2018. I went to my husbands friends baby shower, he asked me what to get? Well, from my previous experience you normally get the baby something. Duh! But, when I go to baby showers after having two children, I realized that we women need a gift. Why? Mothers Lives Matter!! Sounds simple enough, but this is my new profound belief. As we walk into the baby shower with all the pretty decorations of pink, gold and white, which by the way looked fabulous, I realized at that moment that baby girl will have all that she needs before she even gets here. I hear talks to the soon to be first time mom that once the baby is here all undivided attention will be on her, not you. Normally when I hear those words I would agree, but as a mother myself who has had two children, I now disagree with this statement. As a mother of two myself, I learned that from my first time mother experience that yes, my daughter was the center of attention, but no I am just as important as she is to my husband. Yes, I am her Boobie making machine, her nurturer, I am all she needs and knows, but I too deserve the same attention, if I am crying, I expect him to wipe the tears from my face, to ask me what can I do to help, I expect to get that strong hug letting me know everything will be ok! MY LIFE MATTERS!! New mothers your LIFE MATTERS! If no one else says it to you, you are just as important as your new freshly baked baby who when they see you have no care in the world, looks for you and know that when mom is there I will be ok. As the new first time excited mother to be starts to open gifts, I just couldn’t wait to see the expression on her face. She opened up gifts with mommy you are the best, which by the way is a true statement! She opened up organizers which may help if she likes to organize well or end up like me stashing it in the closet because its taking up space, she even got a baby carrier, YES girl you will need that, when you can’t get your baby to “sat down” as people say, put her in there and wear your baby around the house. As she opens up the gifts, all I could do was stare at my bag because I know that I’m going to make her day! She starts to get to my bag finally and there goes her first mom outfit for the hospital because for some reason no one has told first time mothers that comfort is key! She smiles so hard, it just warms my heart for I have the experience of motherhood times two! I know that when baby comes the joy she will get and while in the hospital you should still feel at home, be relaxed and comfortable. She expresses how much she loves the gift and I then look at dad and see his face, yes he’s happy but, I didn’t get him anything. Sorry dude, its not your time to shine, as I think to myself. But now I know that fathers lives matter too and I will start to bring the father a gift as well. I just wanted to let the ladies of the world know that YOUR LIFE MATTERS!! Though this beautiful experience in motherhood, take the time to know you are important and know that you are and will always be amazing!! I tip my hat to you ladies!!

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