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Latching and Positioning

To successfully breastfeed the two key things are to establish a great latch and position for you and baby!

In order to have a good latch you MUST have a good position for baby to latch!

There are 4 main types to start your breastfeeding journey off to a great start!

The easiest position for a newborn baby to feed is the laid back position.

Laid Back position-is a semi reclined position ( the most natural position for you and baby

Cradle position- Get a boppy pillow for better support

Lay baby on your lap, place baby on top of the pillow

Extend your forearm and hand down his back to support the neck, spine, and buttocks.

Tuck baby's lower arm under your arm and align him acing forward toward you.

Cross- Cradle Position- Hold your baby along the opposite arm from the breast you are planning to use.

Turn his body so his chest and face is facing you

Side Lying- lie on your side and place pillows around you if needed

Pull baby close to you and guides baby's mouth to your nipple.

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