Inverted or Flat Nipples! What Can I do


You can wear Breast Shells inside your bra to help draw your nipples before feedings. Breasts Shells are only to be worn right before feeding, it has two parts. The inner piece has a hole that fits over your nipple. The pressure from your nipple causes the nipple to protrude through the hole.

Pump- Try pumping to help get your nipples to protrude for your baby before feedings.

Nipple Stimulation- If you can grasp your nipple, roll it between your thumb in index finger for 2-3 minutes before feeding. This method helps your nipple to become erect.

Reverse Pressure Softening- Use this method for 1-3 mins prior to feeding you baby!

Nipple Shield- This is the last result and you MUST CONSULT a Lactation Consultant in your area before use. It can be more damaging than useful to your milk supply if not used correctly.


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