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How To pace feed a breastfed baby! Users Guide to success!!

Upright feeding position rather than cradle hold, which can lead to ear infection.

10 minutes to feed for every 2oz- let baby suck for 15 seconds then off 10 seconds

Baby eats to be satisfied so if baby does not want any more breast milk, don’t force it

Leave Breast milk in bags with the appropriate amount to age for the childcare provider

How Much Should Mom Leave ?

Under 6 months: 2oz every hour away

6 months and after: 1.05 oz for every hour away

If your baby is going to daycare.... Provide the Daycare or caregiver with this guide to Pace feed your baby!

Remember breastfed babies only need 40z every 2 hours.

Only use premie nipple and only provide the needed 40z in each bottle to avoid OVERFEEDING!!!!

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