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How to freeze and defrost your milk for your baby!!

Many women are not aware of how to store their breasts milk for their breasts fed babies. I am here today to provide insight on how to properly store and how ways to defrost your milk for your baby while they are away.

Remember that all babies stomachs are the same regardless of how " Big" you may think your baby is, just know that all babies bellies are the same and if you overfeed your baby then your baby belly will stretch and we are now teaching our baby to over eat.

Babies should eat every 2 hours, but if 3 hours you can add an additional ounce to your babies feeding and remember to always pace feed.

Now on to how to properly freeze your breasts milk........

You should freeze in 2-4 oz in each bag (leave enough space for expansion of the milk once it is frozen.

Remember to label your milk with date and if child goes to daycare placed their name on it.

Place milk in the freeze Horizontally to preserve space, you can use an old can soda box to keep your breast milk in order and to fit into your freezer.

** Never mix milk of a different temperature, rather place the freshly pumped milk in the fridge to cool then combine once cooled.**

How to properly defrost Milk

Never place your milk in the microwave

Place either in a container with warm water or run it under warm water to defrost

Preparing bottle for your baby

Newborns- six months= 24 ounces in 24 hours

If your baby is in daycare for 4 hours, baby will need 2-4 oz per every 2 hours and additional one for traveling

If your baby is in daycare for 8 hours a day, baby will need 2-4 ounces every 2 hours

Be sue to only provide preemie nipples and 4 oz bottles or 4 oz milk bags for defrosting

Learn how to pace feed your baby

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