How much should my breastfed baby drink?

Babies belly when they are born are the size of a cherry, by day three babies belly grow to the size of a walnut, by one week baby belly is the size of an apricot and by one month baby belly is the size of an egg!

Breastfed babies should drink every 2 -3 hours!

From One month to 12 months babies drink only 4oz to a max of 5oz every 2-3 hours.

Breastfed babies do not need anything else besides milk for the first 12 months!

Breastfed babies feed for many different reasons!

Be sure yu are feeding your baby by pacefeeding if you are using a bottle!

Day 1- 5=7 ml

1-1.4 teaspoons

Day 3 = 22-27ml

.75-1 oz

Day 7= 45-60 ml

1.5-2 oz

1 Month= 80-150 ml

2.5-5 oz


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