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Congratulations on your pumping journey! I know this was such a long road ahead, but you did it, you accomplished your goal of feeding your baby the BEST milk in the world. I am sure you are feeling uneasy about weaning. Are you feeling nervous, irritable, guilty about weaning your baby. Do you feel like you really don't want to wean your baby?

  1. Know that this is a real thing, a real emotion and you will get through it

  2. It is an hormonal shift and it takes time for your hormones to level out!

  3. Talk to a doctor about how you are feeling, you are not alone.

  4. Get moving, The endorphins you release when moving can give temporary relief and overtime, your hormones will level out.

  5. Eat Well- Feed your brain with foods that help such as omega - 3 fatty acids yo help regulate your hormone signals.

  6. Cleanse your body- Its a perfect time to clean out your system of all the foods you have processed through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  7. Acupuncture- When your body goes through changes this will help to balance your energy and emotional needs.

  8. Go Easy on yourself- You are imperfect and its OK!!!

  9. Focus on the positive- Focus on all the great things you have done for your child or children.

The best method is to Gradually decrease the length and volume of one of the remaining pumping session.

Drop one pump session per day for the week.

Drop night pumping and only hand express if needed for comfort.

Drop down to one pumping session per day and hand express as needed.

If you normally ump for 20 mins, drop each pump session down by 5 minutes.

By the next day take one pump session out and continue to drop your pumping session in time or volume each day.

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