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Here you are...... DAY 3 into your breastfeeding journey!

When feedings are bunched together, especially in the evening, it's called cluster feeding. While it may seem like a lot, it is normal.

Your baby may be fussier in the evenings and want to nurse more often than during the day. Some babies may want to nurse every 30 minutes to an hour in the evenings. This is normal, and it does not mean your baby isn't getting enough milk. It may just be your baby's way of filling up before a longer sleep at night. Follow your baby's lead, and always have your support system help you during those times with things that you need to make evenings easier. Remember that you are your baby's primary source of nutrition and you must be sure that you are eating well.

Your baby will go through many growth spurts in the first year. They can cause your baby to nurse longer and more often. These growth spurts typically happen when your baby is around 2-3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months old. But your baby's growth spurts may not happen at these exact times. Growth spurts can happen at any time, and every baby is different. Growth spurts usually last few days at a time, so be sure you are ready and equipped to relax and chill while your baby nurses for what they need at this time and always remember that you are enough, I cant express that enough to new mothers!

Your milk will begin to change from colostrum to mature milk!

Below is all you need to know for the 3rd day of your breastfeeding journey!

Continue to breastfeed every 2- 3 hours or as much as your baby wants, there's no limit to breastfeeding and you can not overfeed your baby at the breasts.

Baby will nurse between 8-12 times a day

Cluster Feeding is what your baby may begin to do, this is in no way of an indication that you are not supplying enough milk for your baby!

Cluster Feeding is when your baby wants to breastfeed multiple times a day, with nursing sessions varying from 5- 40 mins at a time. *** Know hat this is normal****

Summary: Baby will nurse between 8-12 times a day

Have 3 wet diapers

3 dirty diapers ( brown and a lighter green)

Focus on your confidence in your breastfeeding journey, relax and continue to get to know your baby feeding cues.

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