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Flat or inverted nipples 

#flatnipples #invertednipples How do you know if your nipples are flat or inverted?! By doing “pinch” test. Gently compress your areola (the dark area around the nipple) about an inch behind your nipple. If the nipple does not become erect, then it is considered to be flat. inverted or flat nipples will not become erect when stimulated or exposed to cold. If the nipple becomes erect during the “pinch” test, it is not truly inverted and does not need any special treatment. DIFFERENT TYPES OF INVERTED AND FLAT NIPPLES Dimpled: Only part of the nipple protrudes. The nipple can be pulled out but does not stay that way. Unilateral: Only one breast has an inverted or flat nipple Wearing breast shells might be helpful, especially during pregnancy. If the inverted nipple is only discovered after birth, treatment will still be useful, but good positioning and latch-on are most important. Should you be screened for flat or inverted nipples. Our bodies go through so many changes while pregnant! I'll take myself for example! I have an inverted nipple at the beginning of pregnancy but by the time baby got here my nipple had protruded naturally. treating flat and inverted nipples during pregnancy is still up for debate in my eyes because of my experience! if your newborn is having difficulty latching on to a flat or inverted nipple you may find some or all of the following helpful. Breast Shells Worn inside your bra, breast shells may help draw out flat or inverted nipples. Breast shells are in two pieces and are made out of plastic. The inner piece has a hole that fits over the nipple. The pressure on the tissue around the nipple causes the nipple itself to protrude through the hole. After birth, they can be worn for about a half an hour before feedings to draw out the nipple. But dont wear them at night not be worn at night. Theres the Breast Pump or Modified Syringe Just use the pump for a min or so to get your nipple out! Or also pull at your nipple before each feeding it's called nipple stimulation. Nipple Stimulation Before Feedings If you can grasp your nipple, roll it between your thumb and index finger for a minute or two. Afterwards, quickly touch it with a moist, cold cloth or with ice that has been wrapped in a cloth. This method can help your nipple become erect. Avoid prolonged use of ice, as numbing the nipple and areola could inhibit your let-down reflex. Reverse Pressure Softening 1-3 minutes prior to latching may help push other fluids aside, trigger milk flow and allow your nipple to protrude so baby can more easily grasp it. Lastly and I say this loud! Lastly is the nipplesheild! To be honest it doesnt help especially at the beginning of establishing your milk supply! I would stear away from it! It can be more damaging to your supply then help it! Nipple Shield A nipple shield is a thin, flexible silicone nipple that is worn over your own nipple. It has holes in the tip to allow milk to flow to the baby. Nipple shields should only be used with the guidance of a lactation professional as they can lead to problems if not used properly.

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