First 24 hours! Welcome to Motherhood!!

I will begin to make this breastfeeding journey as simple as possible. If you follow these simple steps you will be able to have a successful breastfeeding journey and remember no journey is the same.

#first 24 hours

Day 1 baby will have 1 wet diaper

Get the correct position, then latch

Unwrap baby for feedings

Unrestricted feedings during this time to establish milk production

24-48 hours

Offer breasts anytime

Feed baby from each breasts for 10-15 mins

Feed at least 8 times a day

Up to 10-12 times a day

Cluster feeding may occur and be sure you know #YOUAREENOUGH

Avoid artificial nipples

Give yourself and baby a lot of time to do skin to skin

Keep baby with you to established a great milk supply

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