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Do I really need to change my pump pieces?

Short answer is YES!!

It is a must especially if you are an exclusively pumper that you change your pump pieces. If you do not you will see a difference in how much output of milk comes from your flange and then get discourage thinking it has something to do with your supply.

It is very important as an exclusively pumper o change your pump parts every 30 days for specific parts. Below I will list exactly what it is that you need to change. I hope from this blog th at you get all the help needed and impact other women in a greater way!

Valves and membranes (every 60-90 days)

Duck Valves- every 4 weeks

Back Flow Protector Diaphragm- every three months (for in closed breasts pumps)

Tubing- ( as needed ) if moisture gets into tubing, replace tubing, there is no way to sterilize this

Change those parts and keep feeding our babies! Remember that #youarethebom and #youdeservetheworld

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