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Clogged Ducts? Mastitis? Engorge Breasts? What to do?

Engorgement is when your breasts becomes heavier within 3-4 days postpartum

Caused by increased flow of blood to breast. Breast will be swollen, may have a throbbing sensation and discomfort.

How to treat engorgement???

Feed often and feed effectively

Use a warm moist heat before nursing session and after each session use an ice pack to help relieve swelling or inflammation.

If your baby is not able to latch due to engorgement. Try what is called REVERSE PRESSURE SOFTENING

Take two of your fingers and push back on your nipple for about 30seconds.

Clogged Duct occurs when you have skipped and missed a feeding. Nursing the baby in a poor position. It can be treated with a warm shower or compress. Frequent feedings, hand express or gently pump feedings. You can also massage the affected area toward the nipple while nursing.

Use cold packs between feedings to reduce swelling

Wear a bra for comfort and support (be sure the bra is not too tight)

Mastitis may happen if the milk duct is blocked and continues to persists and can not be relieved, Consult your doctor for mastitis.

What it may look like and feel like?!

Your breasts may be red, sore, or hard, you may have a fever and chills in your breasts and flu like symptoms. You can receive an antibiotics for mastitis.

Leaking breasts occur when you think about your baby, or you hear another baby cry or even a delay in a feeding session. It can also occur when having sex.

Cross your arms by folding your arms across your chest

Use #breastpads Cloth or disposables

Below is a picture of what is called Mastitis, you will need to consult a doctor to retrieve medication to help with the swelling and pain!

But always remember that breastfeeding is a journey and you are and will always be enough!!

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