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Breastfeeding week 2-4 !! You are doing an amazing job!!

Breastfeeding- Week 2

Continue to feed every 2 hours

Empty your breasts and always offer your second breasts to baby

If baby is choking due to fast “Let down”, try the laid back position or recline yo slow the milk flow from your breasts

If you are still having issues with latching or pain in your breasts or you feel your baby is not receiving enough milk, consult a Certified Lactation Consultant in your area as soon as possible.

Breastfeeding- week 3-4

You may begin to pump and offer bottles to your baby

Be sure you are using only preemie nipples or 0 size nipples and have only 4 ounce bottles to prevent babies from overfeeding.

Watch for clogged ducts and use REVERSE PRESSURE SOFTENING to help relieve this.

Even if you are sick you can continue to feed the baby, your body will make antibodies to help the baby to fight illness.

Below is a picture of how to do reverse pressure softening!!

If you need to take medication or have surgery contact your local physician or provider as well as Certified Lactation Consultant for safety on medication.

Watch for growth spurts during the third or fourth week and continue to let baby cluster feed.

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