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Breastfeeding In Public

The golden rule for breasts feeding in public is to " Just Do It".

If this is your first time breastfeeding there are some key things you should know. Know that it is perfectly fine to breastfeed in public and that you have a right to breastfeed in the United States of America to breastfeed anywhere you like, whenever and where ever your baby needs to nurse!

If you are feeling afraid or anxious just remember that what you are doing is actually the most normal behavior and that you are not responsible for how others think or feel about it!

You can start by practicing at home!

If you have larger breasts you can still breastfeed in public and if you feel uncomfortable you can always do what we call a two shirt method. This is where you wear two shirts, you pull one shirt up and pull your other shirt down to breastfeed, just latch and nurse your baby!

Most babies hate o be covered while breasts feeding because when your baby latched on and they are doing skin to skin, babies temperature rises and they begin to sweat to regulate their temp. So its best you begin to become relaxed and know that it is ok to feed your baby!

You may find breastfeeding in public easier if you do it in a supportive environment for the first few times. Find a local mother/ baby group or a cafe who supports your efforts of breastfeeding and surely you will be more relaxed and knowledgeable!

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