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Blisters on my nipple! What do I do?

When it comes to breasts feeding the frequent demand for feedings especially in the beginning of your breast feeding journey can sometimes cause a painful friction on your nipple or areola. But don't fret, There are solutions to why you have a milk blister/ Bleb!!

The first thing I would suggest is to seek out a Lactation Consultant or breastfeeding specialist to check your baby latch. A shallow latch can cause nipple or areola blisters.

Try a new position to avoid pressing on the painful area, such as the laid back position. You can also use a cream or coconut oil to soothe the soreness.

When you are not breastfeeding wear breast shells to stop your clothing from irritating the blister and for it to help your breasts air out.

You can use a breast pump to get the milk out without irritating the milk blister while it heals. Be sure that you are using the correct size breasts shields (flanges) so your nipple can move freely and doesn't rub against the tunnel.

Never pop the blister, this may cause an infection and it can keep coming back!

Use epsom salt and soak your breasts to heal!

Always remember that your breastfeeding journey is just that a journey with trial and error!!

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