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Bereavement through Infant Loss or Miscarriages

I'd like to start off by saying that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! I myself have had two miscarriages and it was an experience of a lifetime. Feelings of not having a "good enough body", I would say to myself. Feeling like I perhaps caused the miscarriage in a way. It is a very unclear circumstance. The definition of a miscarriage is caused by the seperation of the fetus and placenta from the uterine wall. Miscarriages normally happen during the first trimester which is three months of your pregnancy. When I found out the first time I was pregnant, I was deemed high risks. I was put on bed rest from 5 weeks.

I felt as though there was something wrong with me, I remember walking into the bathroom because I was having so much discomfort. I pushed and nothing came out at first, but then I looked down and seen what was my fetus in the toilet. I got up and went straight to the hospital, I did not want to wait till my doctor called me back. From the emergency room, they did confirm that I had miscarried my unborn child and sorry for my loss. I was told my cervix was too weak to hold the baby and to contact your doctor for more information.

It was then I realized that even during this time, no one cared to support me on what or how to get through this miscarriage. I was not able to cope in a manner and "deal" with what I was feeling, left in the dark, looked as something less than in my eyes. I cried so much, with myself mostly because I felt no one would understand. It took me a few weeks and still to this day I think about it, but I have come to realize that it was not me, and that what is WILL BE!!

So today, I want all mothers who have experience a miscarriage or infant loss to know that we have support groups to help support you through your healing process...... We provide support to families who suffer the loss of an infant from conception through age 2. - This a non profit organization helping women of color through infant loss... You can contact this organization to get the assistance needed and I surely hope this helps you... The Founder is an amazing women and I applaud her on turning her loss to help others in such a way!!

Her website is: for more amazing information and she will gladly help assist you with all your needs!

Rememeber #youarethebom and #youdeservetheworld!!

I also have added a link below for assistance with infant loss:

You can contact: Pregnancy Grief and Loss


There is a fee, but they won’t turn anyone away for inability to pay.

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