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Baby Led Weaning!! 6 months and beyond

Many mothers are so pressed and I say this in the most gentle way possible, many women are so pressed to get their babies on solids. Whether because a not so educated pediatrician has advised to give a baby solid foods when they are clearly not ready and it can be a choking hazard!

Then there is the mothers who have done it and "nothing happen to their babies" or "my babies came out fine" who not only has decided that their baby is ready, but keeps throwing up or choking while you feed them baby food.

I am here to let you know that there are key signs that your baby is ready for soilds, that there is no reason to feed a baby solids because they are not sleeping through the night. It is completely normal for a baby to wake up and helps prevents babies from Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). So from here on out, I would love for all women to be prepared and to have the support they need to get through this journey of motherhood.

In order to do baby led weaning successfully the baby must meet all the signs of readiness for solids (not just that mom is ready):

1) have the ability to pick up things and put in mouth 2) loss of tongue-thrust reflex 3) sitting unsupported 4) development of the pincer grasp or at least a "raking" motion to pick up items.

All of these things usually develop between the age of 5-6 month time frame.

Always remember to nurse first to help maintain your supply and make sure the baby is getting the calories and nutrients that he needs.

Below is a picture of a baby who is showing all signs of readiness for starting solids!

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