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Are you going back to work? Be sure to create a Pumping plan!

You will need to pump every 2 -3 hours for 15 min each time

You will need key essential items

  1. Breast pump and accessories

  2. I suggest having a pump for home and work and be sure you know how to handexpress if your pump should go out

  3. Storage bags- store 2-4 oz each bag to eliminate waste and to make sure baby is not being overfed.

  4. Know how to pace feed your baby

  5. Practice being apart 2-3 weeks in advance for a smooth transition, baby will deny the bottle from you (mother) let someone else feed him or her

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What is pace feeding?!

A method that allows baby to mimic breastfeeding, by slowing down the milk flow when bottle fed.

Allowing baby to take breaks in between feeding. To allow baby to be in control of how much milk intake they are used to taking in as if they are on the breast. Prevents overfeeding baby!

When pace feeding breastfed babies you must only use preemie nipples or size 0 nipple

Care taker should sit baby in an upright position/horizontal

Tickle baby lips until they open

Tilt the bottle/ be sure you are not forcing the bottle into the baby mouth

Bottle should be horizontal and milk should be half way full in the nipple so that will allow baby to work for the milk..

*** DO NOT let baby drink bottle lying down, may increase chances of an ear infection**

Baby should be switch from one side to the next to midway through the feeding to promote eye stimulation and development.

10-20 mins at a time to mimic breastfeeding, switch at 10 mins to other side then feed again

Caregiver should encourage frequent pauses in between feedings to mimic breastfeeding.

Baby should suck, suck, suck for 10 seconds, swallow, swallow, swallow and repeat for a successful feeding. NEVER let baby gulp

Be sure your baby is fed every 2-3 hours when they are seperated from you, whether you are on a date, at work.

Babies need 25 oz (750ml) per day between the age of 1 day to 6 months of age.

*** Baby may reverse cycle when away from mom***

Reverse Cycling is a term used when baby will eat less during the day and feed more at night.

There are a few reasons why? Distractions from their enviornment such as being in a daycare center, new surroundings and baby may not be comfortable!

Newborns especially can not tell the difference between day and night at early days of life

Baby may feed less during the day and make up for it at night!

If you should ever need assistance you can reach out to

we are also connected with Breastfeeding support group for black moms

and know that Black Families do breastfeed!!

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