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48 hours in.. You got this!

Breastfeeding (Day 2)

Continue to use the skin to skin method, it also helps moms to relieve stress

Learn what position works bests for your nursing session ( Laid back position is the easiest for most moms)

Feed every two hours or when you see your baby using feeding cues

Focus on learning your baby's feeding cues

Early Feeding cues- Baby lip smacking, sucking on hands, rooting, sticking tongue out or squirming

A late feeding cue would be your baby crying, meaning you need to feed your baby before that time occurs

*** You can also feed your baby as often as the baby wants. The more you nurse, the more milk supply you will establish.***

Stay hydrated and wake the baby often to eat.

How to wake your sleeping baby?

Undress your baby

Change their diaper

Then you can try to latch!

If baby continues to sleep at your breasts, use what is called BREASTS COMPRESSION, this is a technique to help move your milk forward while your baby is latched.

( Grasps your breasts using a C- Hold, and push down towards your nipple so that your milk will flow.)

Summary: Baby should have between 8-12 feeding per day

2 wet diapers

2 dirty diapers ( Black and brown stool)

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