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Our Mission:
 The Beauty of Motherhood is dedicated to  empower women especially African American women to make informed decisions throughout their journey of motherhood, so that they will recognize and overcome barriers encountered through  their journey of motherhood. Whether it is through education or support we will provide evidenced- based services such as  Childbirth education classes specifically designed with you in mind, Postpartum services with Postpartum- Doulas and or Doula services so we can improve wellness outcomes and remove racial health disparties of women and their families. We also provide Child Care assistance. 

Vision:  The Beauty of Motherhood seeks to be a safe haven and network of care for women throughout their journey of motherhood, to ensure that all needs are met, through evidenced- based guidance, emotional support, and empowerment throughout their entire journey of motherhood! Offering Training and support to women so they can become birth professionals.

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