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Meet the Founder of Beauty of Motherhood 

Ariel Johnson, the Founder and CEO of The Beauty of Motherhood  is originally from Queens, New York, where she learned the value of being a “go getter.” After moving to Charlotte she began her journey of counseling African American Women through their journey of motherhood starting in 2014 and continues to support women in the Charlotte area and worldwide. Mrs. Johnson created two beautiful, healthy children who both were exclusively breastfed.

She has assisted in assisting over 85,000 through face book in an exclusive group called Breastfeeding Support Group for Black Moms, where she continues to provide evidence based information with a team of African American women. Ariel is apart of another organization called Black Famiiles Do Breastfeed and have since Partnered because great minds who think alike will succeed together! 

As a whole we put ephasis on togetherness!

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Offering Childcare Services, Breastfeeding Assistance and Postpartum Support virtually or in person. 

Certified in CPR and First Aid 

Certified in ITS/SIDS

Certified Breastfeeding counselor (s) and lactation counselors

Childcare and more!

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